Twitch will remove Vods and South Korea Lives clips

Although ESPORT is walking to be recognized globally at the institutional level, each country has its own regulations. And it is not from today that the rules of South Korea end up affecting the daily life of distal video games or directly.

Its military service, for example, has already forced many Korean professional players to interrupt their careers, but this time is the Twitch that will change to rise to Korean regulation and avoid losing this market completely.

The streaming platform is therefore trying to preserve its place in the South Korea streaming market. Thus, the only measure they think of following is to implement new very significant rules that can have a completely opposite effect.

The end of gods and music videos in Korea

It was through a post on its official website that Twitch announced a complete reformulation in the way the platform works for Korean users and streamers. In fact, from December 13, 2022, Korean viewers will no longer have access to the VoD system, which means the disappearance of reruns, but also of clips and highlights.

During the second phase, which will be launched in early 2023, no other South Korean streamer can create VoD content and existing content will be unavailable.

In its post, Twitch explains that they carry Korean laws very seriously and that it is important that the company is updated according to the territory.


The official Twitch message

In its message, Twitch also explains that streamers will no longer have direct access to their content, an element that can really motivate creators to change platform.

Now it remains to be seen if Twitch will face a mass exodus of its Korean creators and viewers.

This change may be crucial in defining the future of the streaming platform in the territory.

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