Its like making a sequel to AAA game, and it is like painting

  • Topic: The methods and skills used in the pre-production process of the Ding lite 2

  • Lecturer: Timon Seek Thala-Techland Reed Game Designer

  • Field: game design, sequel

  • Time: 2022.11.18 (Fri) 16:00 ~ 16:50

  • Summary: There is a typical way to produce a sequel to a successful game. Nevertheless, I could hear how to make a sequel of 20,000 David lite, which could achieve greater success without following the law.

■ AAA game sequel development method -Lapse to bitmap

Technical lead game designer Timon Smokey, who said he loves many things in Korea, compared the sequel to the AAA game to Bitmap. For example, in the sequel, I heard each material as a technology to produce a sequel, such as how to communicate with team members and to listen to red pepper paste to the community. I started the lecture, saying that it was important to mix it harmoniously and taste it.

Timon Smetana is the game lead designer of AAA game, Ding lite 2. There was a burden of continuing or raising the reputation of the previous work. One has already sold 25 million copies, and more than 500 million hours of play time has accumulated. Even though it was not online, the power of the previous work was so strong that more than 5,000 people played every month. Nevertheless, in the second episode, more than 5 million copies were sold in the first month, and in the first week, more than 3 million players were selected. I looked back on what kind of secrets were.

The first process to consider when making sequels is to understand the first episode. Din gite is basically open world action RPG game, which is the main theme of infected people (zombies) and human open world action. Under this information, listen to all possible news and opinions. In the game, you need to collect as many in-game data as possible. You need to look at the data by looking at the data, such as what is the most active in the game, what was completed in the game, what interactions and behavior habits, and what items were most popular. I visualized how to use all the data in the sequel and focused on creating meaning.

Through that process, people could share what they liked and not. For example, many opinions were divided into ‘Parkour’, which moves efficiently beyond obstacles. The parkour itself is a good factor that enables creative battles, but there are criticisms that it is too easy to move on a side and one button. The horizontal movement was good at the beginning, but it was feedback that it would not be the same until the end of the game. There were also criticisms that the battle felt more than the action of hack and slash rather than action. It was confirmed that the ability to meet the timing had to be ahead of the character’s specifications. In order to solve this, Ding lite 2 made a choice to separate the battle and the parkour.

Furthermore, game designers should classify these game players. Bottle’s Taxonomy of Players is a classic but still the most noticeable way. Timon Smetana explained that the most players of them belong to an explorer. Most of the gamers who were immersed in the world and wanted independent actions were. I was worried about how they wanted a game. It was next to those who were satisfied with quests and achievements, and the third was gamers who were interested in strategy and tactics.

The important thing is that you should not miss what to change. It is to focus on the specific fields that need to be improved. You should look at this from the player’s point of view. Players’ favorite parkour must be maintained. Rather in the sequel, don’t waste too much time to create innovative ideas.

■ Follow-up Core 3 Element Focus -Parkour, Battle, Day and Night

The Ding lite sequel design process depends on how to manage three key elements. It is the concept of daytime and night with parkour, battle, and infected people with much feedback from users.

Parkour had to be more complicated by the mechanic. Earlier, I focused on transforming it into a parkour that could be immersed in the feedback that was too simple. I changed the parkour, which was possible with one button, to pay attention to the button operation. When I went from point A to point B, I had a more effective manipulation. For example, in order for the player to slide, he needs to try more complicated. Stamina management also became important. While resting, I made a point of managing the parkour stamina.

The battle of hacks and slush also has a change. First, the relationship with the parkour was added to make it possible to organize the movement and battle. In addition to jumping, I made a parkour that can be used in the battle. Depending on the combat style, tactical elements also added. The weapon unknown and skill have been made more important. If the numbers were all in the first episode, you can manipulate the weapons in the second episode. For example, when the button was pressed, it was possible to apply a new electric attack.

Feedback for night and day continued. Many people skipped the night in the first episode. The only way to solve the difficulties at night was to run away as a safe place. So, to reduce the day and night cycle so that I can enjoy the night more, I changed it to the core point of the game. The world rules have been changed so that you can experience a game that is more hit at night. It is for low humans, and night is time for infected people. In the second episode, he added a variety of human types. Above all, the good weapons from the game should go to a zombie. In this way, the world structure was changed to adjust the night and day play time.


In addition, there were so many feedbacks. Many people demanded the freedom of play and the change of narrative due to choice. But we decided not to run in situations where we couldn’t control. Instead, a city adjustment system was introduced in accordance with the player’s decision.

■ The sequel design guide -Modern Dark Age Concept, Din gite essence

There are many ideas I want to put in the sequel to the game company, but I had to limit it to a new theme called Modern Dark Age. This one must be able to explain the Din gite 2. The sequel is to paint, not to create something new.

In the game, mankind was destroyed and returned to the Middle Ages. Modern Dark Age can attract people’s interest. To convey this vividly, the design was changed across buildings, weapons, and zombies. For example, weapons, for example, the material is a modern but dull medieval weapon silhouette that reflects the times.

Above all, the core of the game is to battle with zombies. Even if a new change occurs, the core of play is that zombies and humans battle. But we forgot it for a while and presented the game system in 2021 and then confused many fans. So in July 2021, I made a video that focused on 100% zombies.

Finally, he emphasized communication with the player. When you develop something new, you have to promote and disclose it. If you do not know in advance, it is difficult to turn around when the response is not good. The Ding lite team also pays attention to the community opinion. And based on this, you need to add color to the game and add new perspectives to fans. With such a humble attitude, I was able to complete the sequel by receiving feedback rather than innovation.

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