11 games in which you prefer to build homes than conserve worlds

The world is in threat! However, who is it scratchy when you do not understand which drape better fits in this bedroom? These are the finest games for house home builders who wish to take a vacation from the world rescue.

first select tiles, then save the world!

From Skyrim to Last Dream 14, from Minecraft to Subnautica-who requires a saved world if you can call 100 quite square meters? Yes, naturally it’s all digital, however do you understand what that is? Lovely and relaxing.


Getting a world here, because a world save, always the same thing! Rather, you choose to bring up walls, furnish the space nicely and try to find the best devices? It’s a good idea that you are here, because we asked our clever community in which games you can press the entire world rescue aside to create your own dream home.

Because let’s be truthful: it is much more worth conserving a world, if you have also developed something valuable in it that you do not wish to lose. It’s not worth it for a little cash and fame! In the lower image series you will discover which video games become part of it.

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