Best Titan Order in Scarlet and Purple Pokemon

As the first open world game of the series, Pokémon Scarlet and Purple offers three main roads to follow at the beginning of their trip. One of them is Path of Legends, which makes you hunt several Titan Pokémon to get mystical herb for you’re legendary. Here is the best Titan order in scarlet and purple Pokémon to make sure you have a trip without problems.

Scarlet Pokémon and Purple Best Titan Order

Not all the Titan Pokémon are equal in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple; Some are much more difficult than others, and since there is no level climbing in this game, you will want to face a late game titan before you are ready for it. That said, here is the recommended challenge order:

  • Law, Sony Cliff Titan-South Province Area Tree, Level 16
  • Bombarded, Open Sky Titan-West Province Area One, Level 19
  • Earthworm, stalking steel titan-Area three of the East Province, level 28
  • Future/past Orphan, Titan of the Trembling Earth-Roasted Desert, Level 44
  • London/Tatsugiri, False Titan Dragon-Lago Camera, Level 55

With only five Titan Pokémon in the game, it may seem tempting to eliminate the story of Path of Legends from the beginning, but keep in mind that their levels increase significantly after Earthworm. Therefore, we strongly recommend facing several gyms and teams of Team Star among its Titan attempts.

That is all you need to know about which is the best titan order in scarlet and purple Pokémon. Be sure to search to get more tips and information about the game, even if you can catch Rayquaza, how to get a Pikachu and all Moon Stone locations.


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