God of War Ragnarok quest tells love story LGBTQIAP+ developer who died

One of God of War Ragnarök’s secondary quests tells a love story between two developers of Santa Monica studio. This is Jar’s ballad and some, in the By Kingdoms quest where you need to find the ingredients and know more about the two lovers.

By the kingdoms: the mission of the travelers who loved each other

The mission begins in Midgard at the eternal fire. You get a cookbook and should look for the ingredients between the worlds. Then discover the story of Jar and Some, two lovers who traveled together between the kingdoms and created legendary meals.

This story was placed in the game to represent the love of two developers involved in the God of War franchise, Sam and Jake, who died of epilepsy in 2020.

Sam and Jake met at Santa Monica studio and soon started dating. The two always entered the company’s cooking competitions and won.

Throughout God of War Ragnarök it is possible to find various hearts, which are representations of the relationship between the couple, as well as Jar and Some, because the story is about love above all.


The idea was that of two men, finding love and their home in each other in a cruel and hostile world. And the eternal fireplace is a representation of the link between the two, because it will never erase, not even Midgard’s colder winter… not even in Ragnarök.

The two adventurers prepared meals in the kingdoms and traveled and this is a representation of Sam and Jake in their cooking habit. Now Jake’s memory will be forever in the world created by Santa Monica studio. This is also a memorial, but something far beyond.

A story for people LGBTQIA+

I wanted this story to be like many people who know: traveling through a world that doesn’t always understand you to find a place that you feel truly your home. And sometimes this home is simply a person. Simple recipe can take you back to this home. Sam stated in his tweet.

Like Sam and Jake, Jar and Some lived a LGBTQIA+ relationship in a complicated world of dealing. The story is a tribute to the couple, but also a sensitive detail that adds beauty in the history of the game and makes many hearts identify.

Ragnarok x

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