How to turn downs into impaired into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Small-a double-type Pokémon, including both dark and ice types. They were presented in the second generation along with their cat evolution, Heavily. These two were so popular that they returned to Pokemon: Legends arches with a new form, as well as a new evolution, a reducer. The famous couple again appears in the last Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, along with other Pal dean Pokémon.

As soon as you find your own reduced, exploring the Glazayado region, you most likely want to immediately turn it into Heavily. So, how exactly can you turn down into Pokemon scarlet & violet?

How to get Heavily at Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As in Pokemon: Legends arches, it can turn into Vi villa after the razor’s claw holds out with a rising level at night. The easiest way to find Razor Claw is to choose it for Delivered is a store for 15,000 pupillary or LP. You can find these stores in most large cities, such as Messages. After you get one, you just need to let him hold it down. Then, as soon as you increase the level of your lowering, a KAT scene will appear in which it will turn into Heavily. By this moment, Razor Claw will be spent. But you will have a new Pokémon, which can be added to your group and your Pokédex!

If you are unlucky to find neither shed nor a razor claw, you can always try your luck in capture in the wild! There are not many of them as Sn easel, but you can still find a few in the mountain of Glazes, the region. Their search in this way may be the best option for those who are looking for the perfect nature for their Heavily.


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