The live-action series of Halo is now available in Spain although only in physical format: why?

Hallo, the adaptation in the form of a real action series of the famous Bungee video game saga and 343 industries under the tutelage of Microsoft, is already officially available in Spain, with its dubbing to the Ctilian. Thus, the adventures of the mter chief played by Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) can already be enjoyed in our country, yes, only in physical format Blu-ray, since the Paramount+ platform for the moment is not available in Spain.

halo now available in Blu-ray format

Thus, and waiting for Paramount+ to officially land in Spain-Quizás in early 2023-, the only way of seeing the Halo series is through its edition in physical format. A seon 1 produced by Steven Spielberg, 343 Industries and Showtime that can be completely enjoyed in 5 albums with numerous extr such :

  • Halo: The exposed series
  • Dissecting the battle of Madrigal
  • The world of halo
  • Covenant culture
  • Adapt halo
  • Become Spartans
  • Creating Halo’s costumes
  • Halo weapons and vehicles
  • Creating Cortana
  • The Lake of Eternal Life, a Halo song

All for a recommended price of 26.20 euros, already available on Amazon and other digital and physical stores. After years of civil war and growing political discomfort, the future of humanity is threatened when our farthest colonies interfere in the sacred worlds of Covenant, a powerful alliance of alien species. While the Covenant destroys one world after another, only a soldier slows its advance: a cybernetically improved super solder, the mter chief, we can read in his official synopsis.


But the true objective of the Covenant and the secrets of his own and enigmatic pt converge, the mter chief will have to decide if it is worth saving to humanity, continues his plot. However, the creator of Hal I helped to do.

The second seon of Halo is already underway and should reach the United States in 2023.

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