Does Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mean value?

The size and weight of Pokémon have always been the subject of discussion among fans, especially in the last part of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet franchise. Since Pokémon can be seen in the real world, and not randomly in high grass, you can see their physical size. If you played any of the games for some time, then you definitely noticed that some Pokémon are much less or much more than others. Unfortunately, the size of these different Pokémon does not necessarily matter, except for your personal preferences.

Could Pokémon size be important in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Of course, in this game there are Titans Pokémon, which are large versions of ordinary Pokémon. However, these specific Pokémon are attached to certain events throughout the game, such as Path of Legends, and you cannot catch them. They will have large strips of health over their heads, and they will perform various rollers with movements, unlike your standard battle with Pokémon. Given this, their size actually does not matter either on a large scale or in what makes the great battle even better.


What matters is the nature of the Pokémon that you catch or exchange, as well as their IV and whether they are brilliant or not. In addition, you can make your team as small or big as you want!

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