This is how James Cameron to Sigourney Weaver to roll Aliens: with Schwarzenegger

The Alien saga is an icon of cinema since its first installment of 1979, a space horror movie that marked a time and allowed to create a whole franchise around it that continues in full shape to the present day. But what would seem obvious now, w not so much at the time his sequel w raised: Aliens. And it seems that the leading actress of the first film, Sigourney Weaver, w not very convinced to continue with her role; However, James Cameron wanted to count on her at all costs. How did Cameron that the actress signed in less than 12 hours? The Superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger w the key to deception, the filmmaker h recently recalled in his promotion of Avatar: the sense of water.


Schwarzenegger, Cameron and the Mesomorphs

From what Cameron tells in a recent interview via Collider, the filmmaker urged a plan to convince Sigourney Weaver to star in Aliens; And for this I wanted to make the actress believe that she w going to rewrite the script of the sequel so that Arnold Schwarzenegger to star this. We have decided that we really like the story and all the characters in Marines’ body and the world we have created and everything. We have turned him around, and we don’t need Sigourney, Cameron explains.

Keep in mind that I created all those characters, and my pride an author says that I should move forward with all this, eliminating his character. We will not make changes in the plot. I will simply rewrite it, the director continued. The key to the matter is that Lou Pitt w part of the same agency Schwarzenegger’s agent, so Sigourney Weaver did not take anything to receive a call: Sigourney, signature now. And it is that the fear of losing the prominence of the franchise against Schwarzenegger made the actress react, which closed the contract in less than 12 hours.

To all this, Cameron acknowledges that he never had in mind to discard Sigourney Weaver, but that he wove a plan to convince the actress quickly and have her for a production that would revolve around her figure again. And the rest is history.

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