Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: Interactive map with all pokemon, coins, stakes and more important points

The Pale de Pokémon region scarlet and purple is huge, as a good open world, so you will find a multitude of Pokémon and all kinds of important elements. Even so, you may want to look for something in particular and this tool will come wonderfully during your trip, because in this guide we will talk about an interactive map of the game.


Interactive map with all Pokemon, coins, stakes and more important points

While carrying out the different main stories of the game, you may find key places that you would like to keep in your memory or point them on the map properly. Well, this tool created by the Serbia website will be very useful because it will indicate the exact location of anything you look for.

The Gimmightul coins, the place where the coaches, the mysterious colored stakes are located or simply the place where any of the different wild Pokémon is located. All this and much more appears on this map with the different filters that you can establish depending on what you are looking for concrete.

Its use cannot be easier, and you can even consult other aspects, such as flight points or even the points where exactly the gym leaders, dominant Pokémon or the bases of Team Star are found. The next time you start playing, have the map by hand so that you can go fixed to your next destination.

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