Director of Days Gone indicates who would be responsible for bad criticisms

Since its initial launch, Days Gone is a game that did not achieve what Sony expected, because in the beginning it was shown as one of the following large PlayStation games, which in the end did not capture everyone’s attention.
And now, the director of the video game has tried to place the ideas of why said failure and has reached a kind of early conclusion.
Through the official Twitter account, a fan has asked John Gavin about what he thinks about the negative reviews of the game, after all for some they seemed a decent work.

That’s where he marked three specific points: the first are the performance details, the second that criticism did not really try the game and the last one, having Woke judges who did not support a rude white biker.
It is worth mentioning that at the moment you cannot access the creator’s tweet, since it has been limited to those who can see their publication, this to avoid possible reprisals with said sector mentioned.
However, the capture of it was shared by different media that at the time managed to visualize it.


Given this, some users demonstrated the respect that the video game is taken, and also commenting that including the word Woke could have been more in the prayer answered.
However, Gavin replied that if a critic opposes a character for identity policies, there would be no option to call him as Woke according to his criteria.
Via: VGC
Editor’s note: Nor is Days Gone has very bad grades in Metacritic, although it is possible that he deserves a little more score.
After all, it is a decent PlayStation launch and has been valued more these days.

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