7 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Witcher 3, Wild Hunt

For the enthusiastic fans who want to meet the next-generation version of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (hereinafter referred to as Wild Hunt (hereinafter referred to as Witcher 3) ‘, Witcher 3 developer CD project Red has released the exact information when the next-generation version free update is applied by country.

The CD project Red revealed the world map of the country’s time information, which has a free update of the next-generation version through the official SNS today (10th).
Starting from Seoul, the capital of the worlds all over the world, including Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, New York, London, and Berlin, has been displayed, and the country is not confusing to distinguish between the world’s city and the Pacific Standard Time.
Custom time information is included together.

In Korea, the PC and Xbox version will be released at 9 am on December 14th and the PS version will be released at 12 am on the 14th.
If you want to meet Witcher 3, which is newly visually renovated, before others, you can prepare updates starting at 9 am on the 14th via your PC or Xbox platform.

The next-generation update of ‘Witcher 3’ will showcase upgrades beyond the original through visuals, performance and technology upgrades in line with the strong performance of the next-generation console and Hyundai PC hardware.
The CD project Red said it will include ray tracing support, faster loading speed at the console, integrated mode experiences and various upgrades, and new content inspired by Netflix’s Witcher Drama series.

This includes another gift for Korean users, which is ‘adding Korean dubbing’.
The news of the Korean dubbing of Witcher 3 was first unveiled on November 30, and the dubbing work was reportedly in charge of the Masai Studio, which worked for the Cyberpunk 2077 and Throne Breaker.
The update will be applied to the game with the next generation update on the 14th.


The next-generation version of the Witcher 3 Complete Edition can be purchased digitally on the PS5, Xbox Series X | and PC.
This includes all free LCS and two expansion packs, and all content will be supported by Korean pool dubbing.
Users who already have Witcher 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC can also receive free updates.

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