3 Ways to Fix Valheim Crashing After Update

If you play Latham after the update, you may face a strange mistake due to which the game crashes.
A peculiar mistake is called the error of loading the world, and it leads to Latham when trying to load your world.
You can get around the World Load error by trying several solutions to fix the problem in Latham Mist lands.

possible solutions for loading Latham World

There are several reasons why you may encounter World Load mistakes when trying to play Latham.
The first and most common problem is that you have outdated mods installed, which will not work with each update of the game.
We recommend first check, remove all obsolete mods and wait to add them back when the update appears.
It is also best to remove all mods, since, most likely, all of them are not yet compatible with any of them.
Recent updates.
In addition to outdated mods, something is wrong with your game files, so you should try checking the game files on Steam.
You can check your game files by clicking the right-click icon and the name Latham in the Steam library.
A small tab with various parameters will open.


You need to click the one that says the properties to open the Properties tab for the game.
On the Properties tab, select the Local Files parameter.
In the lower part of the Local files, click the option with the inscription check the integrity of the game files.
This will launch the check process during which Steam will repeatedly upload all missing or damaged files.
Let Steam complete the load and again try to boot on your server when the boot is completed.
If checking the game files does not work, try other possible solutions listed below:
Run on behalf of the administrator-click the file. EXE Games with the right mouse button, select Properties, and then Compatibility.
In the Compatibility section, set the flag next to the start of the program on behalf of the administrator option below.
Set a high priority through the tasks manager-you can set a high priority Latham by opening the file.exe games in the Details section of the tasks’ dispatcher.
Launch Latham in window mode-configure Latham to work in window mode using game options.
To learn more about Latham, we have provided you in Pro Game Guides from the moment of launch of such guidelines as How to download and install Latham Plus for Latham and Notes to Latham updates and Corrections (December 2022).

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