Disney Dreamlight Valleys Latest Update: Winter Recipes – Raspberry Boba Tea

The last winter update of Disney Dream light Valley presents a new collection of recipes to celebrate the Christmas season.
With this debut, players can prepare cold and hot drinks to give them to residents, consume them for energy or sell them to get profits on Goofy Stall.

So, if you are wondering how to make raspberry drummers in Disney Dream light Valuate we will show what ingredients you will need for this recipe, along with other flavors.

Bob raspberry tea recipe in Disney Dream light Valley

The Raspberry Bob tea recipe in Disney Dream light Valley demands three ingredients: milk, sugar cane and raspberry. Milk can be purchased at the Remy Res tau


Alternatively, players can get sugarcane seeds in the same establishment for the modest price of five-Star Coins or simply pick them up in the Wall-E garden.
As for raspberries, they can be found in bushes inside the square or the Pacific meadow.
According to the meals tab information, Raspberry Bob Tea can be sold for 377-Star Coins in Goofy Stall and provides players +1203 Energy to avoid exhaustion.

How to make all silk tea recipes in Disney Dream light Valley

Those who want to make more Bob Tea recipes at Disney Dream light Valley can follow this table to see the necessary ingredients, how much they are sold and their energy statistics:
Bob tea recipe |
Ingredients |
Profit |
Bob tea (normal) |
Milk and sugarcane |
323-star currencies |
+714 energy
Bob coconut tea |
Milk, sugar cane and coconut |
406-star currencies |
+1653 Energy
Bob de Curcellla Espinosa |
Milk, sugar cane and curling |
418-star currencies |
+1833 Energy
Bob mint tea |
Milk, sugar cane and mint |
460-star currencies |
+1032 Energy

Players can choose from trees in Dazzle Beach to collect coconuts, which generally reappear every 30 minutes.
Like raspberries, currants can be harvested from shrubs in Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands.
Finally, MINT is available in Frosted Heights, but these ingredients do not have a high generation rate.
That is enough for our guide on how to make raspberry drummer in Disney Dream light Valley.
To get more content, you can consult the relevant links below, including our guides on how to get outfits for villagers and the Yule Goat elaboration recipe.
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