The Original Super Saiyan 3 Design Revealed In DBZ

Among all Dragon Ball transformations, Super Taiwan 3 is one of the most striking for its design.
The absence of eyebrows and extensive hair is something that fans want to have.
However, the original concept of this power was different, since the two different elements were not present concretely.
Recently, an old sketch of Akira Oriya, creator of Dragon Ball, showed us the original design of the Super Taiwan 3. Here we can appreciate eyebrows in Roku’s face and, although the hair is longer compared to
Its previous transformations, it does not become as extensive as it eventually became.

Without a doubt, a look at Oriya’s creative process that many fans can appreciate.


Now we just have to wait and see if in Dragon Ball super eventually we see this power once more.
On related issues, here is the first look at the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super.
Similarly, this was Golan Beast’s original design in Super Hero.
Editor’s note:
It is good to see what it never became.
Akira Oriya is a great Managua, but it is not perfect, and before deciding on a design, he worked in hundreds, and this is only one of the attempts he carried out when creating the Super Taiwan 3.


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