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Slim City is the High on Life album that just dropped, and in this article we take a closer look at some of its lyrics.

You might have heard that he would like to have a drum if you stumbled into Slim City in High on Life about Globe.
However, because this is not a quest and rather a sub-goal, the location is not actually on the menu.

You have to search for high on life drum place
But to assist you, this article performs precisely where it is and how in the video game, just how much it costs.
You need to have a percentage of high up on life cash (pesos) in your butts in order to purchase it and bring it to globe.

high up on life drum area.

The drum in High up on Life can be found in the Pandas on the counter at the window in Slim City for 78 pesos.
As quickly as you have it, you can bring it back to Globe and finish the mini mission.
A drawback of having actually discovered the drum is that you would have invested your money simply to hear his video game, which could be better to express it.


However, if you have wondered where you can get it, it begins in the game.
If you want a video guideline where you can find it, click Perfect paradox need to help you:
You have it, this is the high up on Life drum location in Slim City.
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