Kojima Hopes To News About Her Next Game In 2023

Kolyma Productions turns 7.
After the abrupt departure of Video Kolyma de Konami in 2015, the creative h dedicated himself to his own projects.
While Death Stranding’s sequel is already confirmed, the Japanese hopes to show an additional project next year, he h revealed in a message posted on social networks:
Kolyma Productions is celebrating its seventh anniversary.
I would like to thank everyone for your support, he said in the video.
Have you had the opportunity to see our next title, DS2, which w revealed in The Game Awards?
After promising a more entertaining and compact product than the first installment, the creative h specifically referred to the other video game that is underway:
In addition to ds2, we are preparing a completely new game, well some visual projects.
I hope to provide more information about all this next year.
On this day of celebrations, Kolyma Productions h presented its new study in a trailer at let peculiar.
More than ever, we will expand our dimensions of creativity in this new location.

Death Stranding 2 and a game in collaboration with Xbox

The game awards 2022 served a stage to present Death Stranding 2, a game that continues the history of the original, although at the moment nothing h been shown in GamePlay.
The other video game in which Kolyma Productions works is what they develop in collaboration with Xbox.
It will nourish the cloud to give the player a different game experience.


A few weeks ago Overdose w leaked, a long rumored game that is not official for now.
The filtered video w starring Margaret Quality, the bret actress in Death Stranding.
Is this the mysterious project that will be in the Xbox ecosystem?
We will have to wait at let until 2023.


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