Fortnite – How To Get A Bakugo Skin And Other My Hero Academia Cosmetics

The cooperation of My Hero Academia is now available in Fortnite, and you can perform various quests, enjoy a new creative card and collect various thematic cosmetic objects.
Skin Caste Became arrived in the game, and you need to know how to get this outfit.
Here’s how to get a became skin in Fortnite.

How many B-days do you need to get a became skin in Fortnite?

Katsuki Became outfit is part of a set of class 1-A which can be purchased at a 2800 BANKS store.
This cosmetic set includes two other skin and several related cosmetics.
You can also purchase Katsuki became set of skins, which comes with equipment and a backpack with a grenade and costs about 1,500 Borax.


Katsuki Bakugo is a skin of epic rarity, and he has two chosen changes in style.
There is a style of Became Ca stack by default and the style of the hero that you can choose.
You can also purchase a set of class 1-A equipment to get a tool for collecting the Cluster Buster crop, which complements Katsuki Bakugo’s costume.
After buying these cosmetic items, you can equip them from the locker section.

This is not all, my quests My Hero Academia are also available in the game, and you will see the new ability of Mythic DEU Smash in the royal battle.
For the implementation of each quest you will receive 20,000 XP, which are enough to quickly increase the level of combat pass.
You can also check the Hero Training Gym creative card to complete some My Hero Academia tasks.
These quests will be available for a limited time, so do not forget to fulfill them in order to get all awards this season.
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