WoW: Community Council. Anyone Who Wants To Be Part Of The WoW Community Council In The Coming Year 2023

The long-awaited return of World of Warcraft has finally happened, and with the hype still going strong, it’s never been a better time to be part of the WoW community. To that end, Blizzard has opened applications for the WoW Community Council – an advisory panel that helps shape player experiences in all things related to this beloved MMO!

When the Blizzard managers announced the Community Council in 2015 to improve communication with the World of Warcraft gamers, many gamers were doubtful: is that actually more than just a marketing gag, a PR stunt?
A couple of weeks later, nevertheless, we had to admit: the developers appear serious about it.
Again and again they spoke out in the WoW Forum Community Council location to comment on the questions or feedback from the council members or to enter the discussion.
The blue formulated their answers, partially uncommonly open.
And this determination has not dropped off to sleep with time.
On the contrary: 2 weeks earlier, for instance, a DEV chat with the Community Council occurred, which was about the second phase of Rage of the Rich King Classic.

applications for 2023 running!

Since coming from the Community Council only applies twelve months, the Blizzard supervisors have actually now published a brand-new application for the coming year 2023.

The form states: This program brings together players of all kinds to deliver feedback on various aspects of Wow (purchase now), which can then be gone over and shown the WoW designers.
Chosen council members have access to an openly visible online forum on the World of Warcraft website and for private conversation channels with other council members.
Present council members who soon have actually finished the twelve months can use once again, but ought to not be treated ideally.
It might be that just a few Council members will follow this reputation again.


Maize reveals a warning in the main forum: If you are active away from the Council area in the online forum, you need to get ready for insulting posts and harassment every day.
People appear to think that it is alright to exclude their inconvenience about Blizzard on you, even though you have absolutely nothing to do with it, and think that because your text is gold, you must not have anything to have if you
do not match your opinion.
If you still want to use, take Matzos recommendations to heart: If the blizzard supervisors ask which character you wish to represent the community, then choose an unidentified twink where you are never online.
So you can a minimum of escape the continuous hostility in the video game.
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