Pokemon GO: What Can Niantic Learn From Sales Burglaries Despite Stable Player Numbers?

There are some statisticians who always watch on how popular the big online video games are in the course of the year.
Or they try to evaluate how much money a company earns, for example, through in-app purchases.
So likewise individuals of Statista.
A few days ago, its author J. Clement released a graphic that is especially interested in Pokémon Go players and which they motivated in a faith.
This faith is the following: In order to get the developers of Pokémon Go at Ni antic to listen to the feedback from the gamers, the players themselves should decline the income.
In this case, love for Pokémon not just goes through the stomach, but also through the wallet.
Yes, I confess that this is a somewhat ludicrous re-formulation of the saying.
This does not alter the truth that the gamers who are at Pokémon Go ask their co-trainers to withdraw money.
In their eyes, a little would alter with the fans.
In the best case, the criticism and the revealed feedback on Pokémon GO would be taken seriously.

The numbers say: loss of sales

Back to the data of Statista.
This records annual sales of Pokémon GO in-app purchases, and it clearly shows that the video game (not least because of the Pokémon Home simpler that was presented due to the fact that of the pandemic) in 2020 with more than $900 million
most executed.
Which the Ni antics may not be collected in 2021, however in 2022 a loss.
Herb, that is naturally an opinion that depends on the eye of the audience, but if the sales of more than $900 million fall to simply over $700 million, this is already noticeable.
It is not without factor that those responsible for Ni antic will put around 80 staff members in front of the door in June 2022 and marked several games.
The question is: are these losses due to the fact that fewer coaches log in Pokémon Go?

supposedly stable number of gamers

According to the collected data from the ActivePlayer.io website, the MAU numbers are fairly steady (MAU = Regular Monthly Active Users, so the gamers log at least when every month).
Obviously, you need to bear in mind that the information is not main and may not be seen as easily as a platform like Steam.
If we trust the information from Active player, more than 70 million, often up to 80 million gamers in Pokémon GO, log in considering that October 2021.

The numbers look very stable.
In view of the reality that Pokémon Go is still incredibly popular, especially in Asian space, these are worth that appear credible.
What does that say about Pokémon Go?
The interest is still there.
But the rewards to spend cash on the video game remove.
It’s not almost occasion tickets.
If the gamer does not move, let us believe of reasonably minor examples like the multi-discussed withdrawal of smoke effectiveness.
As a tip: The smoke’s couch perk ensured that Pokémon was drawn in every 30 seconds.
In the meantime, smoke just draws in a pocket beast every 5 minutes if the gamer’s avatar does stagnate.
It is imaginable that numerous coaches have put one or the other Poke coin in the purchase of smoke.
The product just costs 40 Poke coins as a single purchase, 250 in the aft package.
That doesn’t injure, you can invest a little, do not you?
Is also the meaning behind the concept of microtransactions.

What does Ni antic gain from it?

Oh, our game is still popular, however individuals no longer toss us with money that do what?
I have currently discussed an effect: Ni antic employees have actually been released and video games were either stopped in the development phase or during operation.
Believe only once of the game with the sweet-sounding name Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
That should really be a spot landing, with the Potter heads.
It wasn’t.
Most likely not sufficient money has fallen off and for that reason operations and additional development were terminated.
Would that really be a scenario that could also use to Pokémon Go if only sufficient players refuse to purchase an occasion ticket?
Sure, when it gets hard.
With such conjectures, you still have to keep around 70 million month-to-month active users in mind.
As easy as Ni antic, this amount of individuals with their video game and the messages transported in it can achieve (simply believe of sponsoring presents)… This is a remarkable reach, you don’t just toss away.

If you are at fairly clear mind, at least you need to believe that.
You need to also believe that you do not play this reach by listening little or not at all about the feedback of the gamers.
That, we all understand it is a made complex subject.

are the losses enough as a shot in front of the bow?

So now the concern arises: Are Ni antic’s individuals as a result that they bag fewer millions, make more effort to make the players of their game better once again?
This is difficult to examine, offered the truth that at the end of 2022, the fast ticketed events, i.e. events with a payment choice (which in many cases truly offered real banana bonus offers), were eliminated.
It appears more like doing the fast dollar than increasing the complete satisfaction of the player sustainably.
As usual, only the time will show which method the developers are taking.
The hope is that Pokémon Go will be a much better game for the gamers, and not simply an ignored and less appealing job from which a few dollars can be pushed.


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