Rumor: Microsofts Redundancies Have Led To The Cancellation Of Two Game Projects and Possible Follow-Up For

There, here, and a little, Jeff Grubs has rumored the situation of The Coalition, the well-known Gears of War studio.

According to Grubs, The Coalition has at some point been working on two new projects, which have been decided to shelve each.


Part of the reason is Microsoft’s recent redundancies, which have led to the decision to move all resources behind the next Gears 6-there is no information yet on the date of publication of Gears 6.
Microsoft’s mass transparency was widely talked about in the recent console podcast, whose Spotify version is also embedded at the end of the news.
The Coalition has also recently helped 343 Industries with Halo Infinite and has worked on The Matrix Awakens, who served as Unreal Engine 5-Demo.
The previous part of the Gears’ series Gears 5 was released in the fall of 2019-at that time, a nice four stars clicked on console fin’s review.


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