2030 FIFA World Cup: A Joint Bid from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay to Bring the World Cup Home to South America!

The South American nations of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay formally made an application for the company of the 2030 world cup.
The presidents of the 4 football associations and the head of the South American football association (CONMEBOL), Alejandro Dominguez, provided the joint application under the slogan 2030 Juntas (2030 together) on Tuesday on the site of the Argentinian football association AFA near the capital Buenos Aires.

The associations had actually already announced in 2015 to desire to bring the World Cup back to South America 100 years after the very first World Cup in Uruguay.

This candidacy belongs to the entire continent.

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez
We imagine aligning this champion again in their 100th year. We South Americans are all extremely enthusiastic, we live football in this method, stated Argentine leader Claudio Tania.
Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez recommended that the nearby country to include Bolivia in the applicant group.
This candidacy comes from the entire continent. That’s why I desire bolivia to participate in this dream, he wrote on Twitter.
The World Association FIFA will select the organizer of the 2030 world cup in early 2024. Spain, Portugal and Ukraine likewise want to get the orientation.
The federal governments of Bulgaria and Greece had already announced a joint candidate ship with Romania and Serbia in 2018.
FIFA also brought a World Cup in Israel and other countries from the area into play.
According to the media, Saudi Arabia is believing about applying together with Egypt and Greece.

Go back to the roots?

The first World Cup was played in Uruguay in 1930.


Although there was no certification and virtually every country, simply 13 nationwide teams in the very first World Cup in winter season just participated in Europe in winter season in winter season.
Host Uruguay lastly crowned the very first soccer world champion after a triumph against Archival Argentina.


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