The Unstoppable Draven: A Champion Who Has Been a Problem for High Elo for Months

Driven is certainly one of the most iconic champions of League of Legends.
Famous MOB influencers, such as Tyler1 and azilian TT has the champion as a milestone in his careers, as well as names like Hans-Sama, who continues to damage the competitive scenario when choosing to play with Nexus’s executioner.


For months, Driven has been one of Lol’s banished champions banned, but why is he that strong?

An Early Game Champion

Driven is a champion who was developed for the Late game of a LOL match.
His base damage is very good for a distance touch champion, and he can improve it juggling with his axes.
Its low range can become problematic in fights, but it is not a great disadvantage at the beginning of the game.
Driven’s base damage means that he will gain any relatively long dispute (unless he is always caught by group control skills) and even fighting shorts can turn to his favor.
In addition, Driven accumulates extra gold each time he kills, based on the number of minions he killed between his last death and the beginning of the game.
In addition to being strong since the Early Game, Driven can make a much more impressive snowball than most LOL champions in any position.
Still, a Driven player must ensure that the match is quick to prevent his champion from losing his splendor at the end of the game.

a metaproblem?

Even though Driven has always been a champion respected for his ability to resolve games almost on his own, he has not always dominated the lower route in Lol’s highest links.
However, LOL’s act has been all about the lower route for months, and the faster Bot lane makes a snowball, the more effective it will be.
Whether with fatal pace or rain of blades (even if the second rune is much rarer), Driven is a champion that few characters can face at the beginning of the game.
This means that opponents have no choice but to avoid confrontation and therefore set aside the most effective way to win games in LOL.
Of course, it is possible to get draft combinations that are doing well against Driven, but it is necessary for both players to know how to play against the champions in question, and that the rest of the team adapts to it to prevent the composition from becoming unbalanced.

That’s why Driven is so dominant today.
Not happy to be considered a champion who can apply snowball at the beginning of the game, the goal clearly states that this style of play is currently the most effective.
Until this changes, Driven will continue to master the top of the classification table.
However, it is not necessarily the best champion to go up, as not content to be quite demanding at the mechanical level, it also requires a very good game vision.


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