Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update: New Feature Will Totally Change the Way You Play!

Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update has not fulfilled all its promises, as some key elements announced by developers are not yet available in the game, but fortunately they apologized and said they would correct the situation.

And the good news is that it seems that one of the main features of updating is finally coming to the game: archeology.

Archeology in Minecraft soon?

It is necessary to make it clear that this information is not official as it is a leak.
This was not announced by Moving or Microsoft.
According to a well-known Minecraft leaker, i.e. Roger Badger man, archeology will be present in the title in a short time.
Despite being just a rumor and a leaker tweet, this user was the source of the camel leakage in Moving’s title and hit.
He did not hesitate to tweet the animal’s emoji to announce that he would be in the game.
With the publication of the amphora (jar that was used mainly by the Greeks), there is no doubt that it would be archeology.
Although there is no specific date for the update it is likely that the mechanics will be introduced into the next update.

How would archeology work in Minecraft?

One of the main functions in the game is to dig and that’s exactly what Devs want to explore.


Imagine you are digging a cave or a desert and finds an old jar completely intact?
You may find only an unknown block… that needs to be joined with others of the same type to create an archaeological item.
Of course all the care is little, so you would have to use a suitable tool other than the shovel.
For this you would have access to the ush.
It is a different dynamic that can change the exploitation of players.


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