How to Cancel Your Netflix Account – Learn How to Opt Out of New Netflix Regulations

During the last months, the largest streaming company in the world, Netflix, has made some decisions that can be considered as questionable talking about the user.
One of the rules that have bothered the most is to pay extra for sharing passwords in the subscription, something that has made several already get out of the ship.
If you want to deactivate your subscription here we take the necessary steps:

From the computer

1.-The first to do is log in normally from the PC in Netflix.
2.After, in the upper right you must go to the profiles, and just below the account button appears, this will take you to a new page.

3.As a final step, on this page you have to click on the Gray Cancel Member button.
This will stop billing, if you just finished it, do not worry, because you can continue to see content until the month you have already paid is covered.

From smartphones or tablets

1.-First you have to open the application and log in.
2.-After you have to touch the profile image and select the account option.
3.In the bottom the option to cancel membership and just like this you can stop billing.
Through these steps you will stop paying the subscription, something that for some can hurt, since many great successes are launched on the platform.
But it can be a way of making Netflix understand that it should keep some customs.
For now there is no defined date to stop sharing passwords, but it is likely not long.


There are also people who are subscribed with an addition to their cable service, to stop paying in those cases, you have to communicate directly with the supplier.
Via: Netflix
Editor’s note: It is time to do this kind of thing so that the company understands that it will lose more than it will win with these standards, there were families that used this method.
But charging more for having the account in something else is an abuse that many will not accept.


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