Bobby Kotick Accuses Sony of Sabotage: Activision-Blizzard Attacks PlayStation Owners – All the Details

In the past, we have heard Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, defend the purchase of Blizzard Activision of the accusations that Sony has made before different government agencies.
Now, this conversation has joined Bobby Kick, CEO of Blizzard Activision, who, after all accusations of abuse and inappropriate behavior at work, returns to the public eye.
During a recent interview with Financial Times, Kick had the opportunity to talk about the purchase of his company, and the way Sony is sabotaging this process.
This was what he commented:

Suddenly, Sony’s leadership team cut all communication with Microsoft.
I think all this is Sony trying to sabotage the transaction.
All the idea that we are not going to support PlayStation, or that Microsoft will not support PlayStation, it is absurd.


It seems that [the CMA] has been co-opted by the ideology of the FTC, and is not really using independent thought, or thinking about how this transaction would positively impact the United Kingdom.
Unlike Spencer and Nadella, who have taken a quieter perspective, Kick has come to threaten the CMA.
On the other hand, although the manager is expected to be fired from his role as CEO of Activision Blizzard once he buys it comes to an end, for the moment it is unknown how and when this will happen specifically.
In related issues, you can learn more about the threat of Kick here.

Similarly, the United Kingdom wants Call of Duty not to be part of the purchase of Blizzard Activision.


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