First 40 Champions Made by Riot for League of Legends: See Which Were Never Released

League of Legends is about to receive its 163rd champion, Emilio, and Riot Games has already begun to reveal new information about the charming Ital support in BE.
However, 13 years ago very few players would believe that Mob would be so successful to the point that its character cast grows so much.
In 2009, the developer wanted to launch LOL with a list of only 40 champions.
Thanks to the memory of the internet, someone dug up an image that shows the sketch of these characters, and we can see then which ones were really released and which they never even stepped on Summoner’s Rift.


The 40 original lol champions

The most interesting part of the illustration is that many of these champions have not changed in more than a decade.
Many of them have been launched in one or the other different detail from the initial draft, and others have received visual updates over the last few years, but overall the essence of each of them remains the same time when we think of Annie, Alistair, Tax, Fiddlesticks,
Teems, Soraya, Kyle and Morgan, CHO’Path, among others.
On the other hand, some of them were really released, but their visuals arrived different in the game, as Dr.
World, whose concept was very changed, and Civil, which gained other main shades, exchanging purple for gold, own and yellow.
In the illustration we can also see some of the champions who were discarded by Riot and never released in MOB, such as Adrian, the Astral Guardian;
Taboo, the voodoo shaman;
Plant King, Water Wizard and Priscilla, Spider Queen.
Riot even honored some of these characters who have not become officers and also reused their skills and visual concepts to other champions such as Swain, Argot and Elise.
In the list below you will find what were the 40 characters actually released at the beginning of LOL:
Top Lane: CHO’Path, Gangplank, Tax, Kyle, Malachite, ASUS, Singed, Sion, Teems and Tryndamere
Jungle: Alum, Dr.

World, Evelyn, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, Ram mus, Shack, Warwick
Half: Anita, Annie, Harbinger, Thus, Assassin, Katarina, Morgan, Rye, Twisted Fate, Hagar
ADC: Ashe, Pick, Civil, Tristan, Twitch
Support: Alistair, Blitz crank, Janna, Nun, Soraya, Tarim, Clean


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