Rejection for the Sake of Sweets: An Adventure Side Quest in Hogwarts Heritage

A divorce into sweets is an adventure side quest in Hogwarts’s Heritage, in which you should help another student, stealing and exploring the hidden passage in your path.
This quest takes place in the lobby of the Great Hall and is given to you with another student, Garret Weasley, who is the outrage of the calm from Gryffindor’s house and loves to cook magic potions, as well as drink them.
In the quest Divorce on Sweets, Garrett Weasley asks you to steal a sting of Billing, an important ingredient used in many magic potions.
You can find this in a store called Honeybees, located in a lively Hogs mid village.

how to start a quest

To start this quest, you should be at least 5 years old, and you must visit your first potion lesson with Professor Sharp, and then J. Weasley will meet you in the lobby of the Great Hall.

Passage Stationing for Sweets

This quest begins as soon as you talk with Garret Weasley, and he will tell you about the secret entrance to the Sweet Kingdom store in Hogs mid.
It is there that you can bring him Billy wig Stings for his new experimental drink called Fizzing-Whiz Beer.

look for a statue

After talking with Garrett, you need to find a statue of a one-eyed witch located at the front staircase.
Go left the stairs until you see the statue on the right, behind which there will be a secret room filled with puzzles and chests.
Just interact with the statue of one-eyed witch, and you will fall into the secret room hidden behind her.


Now you will come across a broken elevator, and it is here that your witchcraft skills will come in handy.
Say the Report, healing the spell.
This will fix the broken elevator on which you can now go to get to the tunnel below.
Going into the cave, you will see a chest for an elevator that can be assembled.
Now continue to go down the cave until you see the passage blocked by the web that you can delete by pronouncing the Intended that burns the spell.

Now you will encounter a wooden platform, which you can lift into the air, uttering Levies, a levitation spell.
After the wooden platform will soar in the air, you can climb it.

cross a broken platform

Now you will encounter another broken platform that you can fix with the help of Report, spells of repair.
By fixing the platform, you can make it floating using the same spell that you used for the last platform.

Go to the next platform

To sit on the next broken platform, you must first pronounce the Audio spell to call it.
Then say the Report spell to fix it, and Levies to force him to Levite.

Open the door

You will see the door with two fried on both sides, and in order to enter this door, you can play Intended, the lighting spell to light these braziers.
Now in the next room you will find a staircase for Honeybees.

Find the ingredient

Now you need to look for Billing bites.
You will find them lying on the table in the corner of the Honeybees warehouse, and then deliver them to Garrett.

Return to Garret

Now you need to return to Garret.
You can do this by returning to the lobby using the transportation of bats to the Great Hall.
The quest will end when you talk with Garrett, and as a reward it will give you coins, 180 experience points and a recipe for the Kiddish board spell.


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