Survive Angry Cannibals with All Map Markers of Sons of the Forest – What They Mean

Sons of the Forest players have been busy doing crafts while running trying to survive in angry cannibals.
One of the most interesting features offered by the new game is its maps’ system, which is included as a mechanic thanks to the GPS that your character has after the opening sequence of the helicopter accident.
While the map is incredibly useful, it can also be confusing since the game does not explain what the markers mean in it.
Here is a quick guide on all the map markers of Sons of the Forest and what they mean to help you on your way.

Sons of the Forest Map Markers-Meanings and Uses

There are some different map markers in Sons of the Forest.
You can see them in the game by opening the GPS map with the m key of your keyboard.
Here are all next with a description of what each one means.
Image source: through end night
This icon is not very important, but it is visible in its GPS in the place of the helicopter accident since the beginning of the game.

  • Blue lyrics «K»
    • This icon indicates where Kevin is, and the trail of blue points that follows is the path it took.
  • Green circle
    • This icon indicates an area of progression of history.
      These can be areas where you find useful tools, access cards or 3D printer.
  • Purple exclamation sign
    • This icon indicates an area with useful objects or weapons.
  • White rock arc
    • This icon symbolizes the entrance of a cave and indicates where there are caves.


Any other marker, such as a color letter, indicates another player in the multiplayer mode or a marker that a player has placed himself.
Those are all the map markers of Sons of the Forest and what they mean, so it should be on its way to navigating the survival game with ease now.
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