Peter Pan & Wendy: First Trailer & Premiere Date Revealed | Disney Plus Exclusive

For some years Disney has been in a constant tendency to want to recreate his most famous animated films in Live Action format, we already saw him with Aladdin, the Lion King, the Cinderella, and recently with the next premiere of the mermaid in cinemas.


However, they are not all the classics that return, because Peter Pan and Wendy already has its trailer.
Through the official Disney Channel on YouTube this video has been released in which we see that the history of that cartoon is being based, with the same characters and plot.
Being so that we will see once again the character of Peter looking for his lost shadow, and that is how he meets Wendy, whom he invites to never visit.
Here is the video:
This is the synopsis of the tape:

Peter Pan & Wendy presents Wendy Darling, a fearful girl to leave behind the home of her childhood, who meets Peter Pan, a child who refuses to grow.
Together with his brothers and a small fairy, Tinker Bell, travels with Peter to the magical world of Neverland.
There, he meets an evil pirate captain, Captain Graphic, and embarks on an exciting and dangerous adventure that will change his life forever.
Remember that the tape will not reach cinemas, but will be exclusive to Disney Plus.
Its premiere is next April 28.
Way: Disney
Editor’s note: It seems that Disney is insistent with the issue of continuing to get films in this format, there are already planned sequela such as El Rey León and Aladdin’s.
As for the first images of the advance, I feel that it will fail just like Pinocchio a few months ago.


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