Rudi Völler Warns of Dark Clouds Ahead for German Football

Audi Roller sees a likelihood of showing off success for the German national football group at the European Residence Champion in the summer of 2024. The new DFB s director projection difficult times for the future.
Firstly, we try to restore individuals and after that we try the European Championship, stated Roller at a conference of the Bundestag ing activities board in Berlin.
The 1990 world champion did not intend to promise the European Champion title.
And: Dark Clouds over German football did not wish to keep Roller to conceal.
4, 5, 6 years still have great children.


After that, as a result of a lack of children, it could be challenging with fantastic success.
Roller as well as DFB Head Of State Bernd Bettendorf were invited to Berlin by the parliamentarians to handle the very early Globe Cup failing in Qatar.

Bettendorf explained, amongst various other points, the processes on the FIFA ban of the controversial one-Love panache soon prior to the initial team video game versus Japan (1: 2).
There was a specific drama in it. We had little time as well as needed to act. For my terms, FIFA was the trigger of the circumstance, Bettendorf condemned the globe association for the processes.
The DFB employer made it clear.


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