Does the Attack On Titan the Final Chapters Answered

With the first special of Attack on Titan The Final Chapters now available for transmission spectators, fans can wait for a track of what comes next.
This would not be unusual, since it is quite normal for the anime to have a prior view of next time at the end.


Here is the complete response to whether Attack on Titan The Final Chapters Special 1 has a subsequent scene or a preview.

Is there a scene after the credits in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Special 1?

Unfortunately, the special in itself is the whole story that the spectators will obtain at this time, since there is no scene after the credits or a preview.
It would have been useful to know when the second special could reach, since it has only been mentioned that it will be launched in autumn.

There is not much left of the ATTACK ON TITAN manga to adapt, since the first special formed a part of the penultimate volume.
There is no official word about how what is left, but they are just a handful of chapters.
Certainly it has been speculated on a third special, but that would take the fourth season until well into 2024 after starting at the end of 2020.
Fans have certainly been patient, since what was originally called The Final Season has separated into three different parts, and the end is not yet in sight.
This is all to know about whether Attack on Titan The Final Chapters Special 1 has a scene after the credits or a preview.
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