GTA 6: Insider Confirms Retention of Content for DLC | Grand Theft Autos Biggest Release Yet

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is probably one of the largest titles in the video game horizon by far.
GTA V broke all records not only in the game industry but in the entire entertainment panorama.
So there has been a lot of speculation about when GTA 6 will finally reach the shelves.


However, a source believes that every time the game comes out, it is possible that it is not available in the same way as the previous rockstar games.
It seems that some elements of the game could be kept for future DLC releases, which is also known as the launch DLC, something that does not interest players too much.
It is not surprising that fans anxiously wait for the launch of the game, since their predecessor turns ten years this year and begins to show their age.
The closest someone was to see the game was at the end of 2022 when the images of the filtered game showed an unfinished version of the game that was not ready for marketing, and this caused a lot of controversy.
While some people thought that the game looked weird, it was supposed to be so, since it is still in development and has not yet been announced.
Tez2 says that Rock star points to a launch of Holiday 2024. Of GTA6

Insider says that GTA 6 will retain content for DLC

Insider Tez2 believes that Rock star might not be ready to launch GTA 6 to 2024 or even 2025;
In addition, according to the filter, the developer could cut parts of the game and launch them as DLC after the launch of the base game.
This could make sense if it was made to avoid more delays in the launch of the game.

But if the additional content is DLC payment and removes the base game in the launch, it is possible that fans are not very happy with that.
Of course, being a filtration, Rock star or any other official source has not confirmed or denied this information.
Tez2 is known for its GTA leaks and was recently part of the speculation that the game is almost complete and in the polishing phase.
What could take one or two years alone.
But, as with any rumor, it is essential to take this information with caution.


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