Unboxing the PlayStation VR 2: Our First Look at the Latest Virtual Reality Headset from Sony – February 22, 2023

Released this Wednesday, February 22, 2023, on Wednesday, the playstation vr 2 has finally arrived at the editorial staff of Gamest.
A late reception compared to the rest of the other media, but our copy was visibly blocked somewhere in an inextricable vortex.
But after many adventures, we can finally offer you our unboxing to us, with white gloves, 4K resolution and macro plans to examine the device from all angles.
On the other hand, we will have to leave us a little time before being able to properly test all the games that were released with the VR mask.


Moreover, this PSVR 2 will allow virtual reality on living room console to move upmarket, with a model that has evolved enormously in terms of technology and visual rendering.
It must be said that it has passed almost 7 years since the first PSVR which had released on PS4, with this desire to make virtual reality accessible to the public.
For this version 2.0 Cover 2023, certainly the price of €599.99 risks limiting its accessibility to a lot of wallets, but it is also the only possible solution to obtain such a convincing result, especially if we trust the first
Returns of early adopters, but also in comparison with the other VR headsets that exist on the market, with identical technology.
Come on, blabla truce, make way for complete unpacking.

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